Earthing Accessories

To live a well-balanced earthing lifestyle, you will need specialised accessories in order to enhance the grounding effect. What is Earthing? has everything you will need in order to improve your conductivity and restore your body’s lost electrons. We invite you to browse our many different accessories and select the ones that will suit your specific remedial needs.

Some of the earthing accessories you will need include:


Your earthing mats or sheets need to run on optimal levels for the best possible results, so a tester will be invaluable to you. Use a continuity tester to determine if a product is conductive and works properly. To use a tester, all you have to do is plug it into a ground port and then place the testing device on the product; a light confirms that the product is in optimum condition.

Outlet Checkers

Before plugging any of your earthing products, you will want to know if the outlets you are about to use are properly grounded for your own safety. An outlet checker can easily detect if an outlet has been properly grounded; all you have to do is plug the checker and wait for a confirmation.

Extension Cords

Using earthing products around your home can be challenging if your outlets are too far from your usual sleeping and/or sitting positions. Make your products much more accessible and within easy reach with extension cords. These cords are designed to fit most earthing sleep kits, mats, sheets, and other devices.

Grounding Rods

For older homes with wiring that has not yet been updated to meet modern grounding standards, a grounding rod will be necessary for earthing enthusiasts. Users can plug their devices to the rod, which is then buried outside to allow uninterrupted electron flow from the ground toward the plugged product. Grounding rods are also great for outdoor adventurers who may not have access to power, although they still want the benefits of grounding but still have the comfort of bedding between them and the dirt.  Simply connect the grounding rod to your sheet or travel bag (please contact us for information on the sleeping bags) and stick the grounding rod into the ground at a safe distance. *

Splitter Plug

Do you plan to use multiple earthing products at the same time, but you cannot find enough outlets for them? Consider using a splitter plug, which allows two products (for instance, an earthing mat for your feet and another for your forearms on a desk) to connect simultaneously to one outlet.

Outlet Adapters

On your travels to other countries, you might find that your earthing products might not match the outlet ports you come across. Fortunately, there are numerous outlet adapters that you can use to connect your earthing product to almost any type of outlet.

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* If sleeping outdoors, in a sleeping bag or on an earthing sheet, ensure you place the grounding rod at a safe distance and position to avoid tripping or potential choking hazard from leads