It is given that one of the ways to achieve optimum health is to exercise and eat right; some others find their way to health by reconnecting with nature as a means to reinvigorate themselves. Libby Hakim of the health news portal Body+Soul says that a health therapy called “earthing” may be the key to what most people seek to keep and stay healthy.  

What is Earthing?

A number of health studies have already concluded that Australia has the third-highest life expectancy rates in the world backed by declines in fatalities from illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer. A stronger push towards more organic food items in lieu of traditional breakfast food like cereals is notable. However, these positive points are offset by a high rate of obesity among adults and children.

When you are in need of more natural solutions for your household, there are ways to get there, and ways to find answers to questions like What is Earthing?

Earthing 101

Earthing is simply standing barefoot on a natural surface. The principle behind it is that the human body is able to connect with the ground and allow any positive bioelectrical charges to just dissipate entirely. Hakim quoted University of New England professor, Jim McFarlane, as saying that footwear alone keeps the electric charge from being released to the ground, leaving the body in certain states of distress.


There are options to do some earthing at home without having to step outside. Companies like What is Earthing? offer mat products, seat covers, and bed sheets, among others. These items are made of non-sulphur-cured nitrile butadiene rubber and can be engaged by linking to the earthing post on your standard wall power socket (no power is needed). The small negative-charge electric current coursing through the earthing point, then through the power cord, will help eliminate the positive-energy charge in the body.

Plus Points

Using some earthing products at home may have some distinct advantages. These products claim to be able to gradually shake off harmful substances from the body, so that one’s own natural defences are rebuilt. A cancer patient interviewed for Hakim’s article claimed to have tried an earthing mat and the effects of the device had aided in restoring his natural immunity.

Going barefoot in the middle of the day and in a highly-modernised society may look uncool when your feet seem only to burn through on the hot pavement. There’s the cool, grassy spot in your backyard or in the park where your soles would love to touch ground; in the absence of turf, you can always try the modern-day grounding or earthing pads, sheets, and mattresses, along with their attendant benefits to help your body deal with pain, inflammation, muscle tension, and everyday stress.


(Source: Why healthy people are ‘earthing’, Body+Soul)