Have you ever walked barefoot and felt the liberating sensation it gave to you? Though many think that it’s all in their heads, there’s actually a scientific reason for why you feel better when you come into contact with the bare ground. The basics of this is why you need to learn what is “Earthing” about.

What is Grounding or Earthing, Heart MD Institute

The Electric Earth

“Earthing” is based on the idea that the ground is charged with negative electrical potential, and having skin contact with it helps charge your body with electrons. This is helpful to your body because your body functions on bioelectricity; your nervous system and your cardiovascular system are two prime examples of this. With a more balanced electrical charge, your body’s essential systems can perform better. For example, if your immune and healing systems had a better charge, you can be more resistant to diseases and recuperate faster. Many researchers attribute the strength and hardiness of people from times past to their contact with the Earth; their walking barefoot and sleeping on the ground enabled them to regularly recharge their body’s electrical load.

However, the problem with this is that nowadays, people usually don’t have contact with the Earth. People wear shoes, have carpeted floors, and restrict themselves to the indoors. This has resulted in people not getting the appropriate charge of bioelectricity, leading to weaker immune systems and bodies in general; symptoms like weakness, fatigue, and stress are a result of this. Furthermore, some modern conveniences like refrigerators and computers can disrupt your body’s electrical field, making the problem even worse. This is why buying Earthing products like Earthing sheets can help a lot.

What is an Earthing Sheet?

Earthing sheets and other Earthing products are an excellent way for you to get a positive charge without walking around barefoot. Sleeping under or on an Earthing sheet provides you with eight hours of electron charging – enough to boost your immune system and improve your sleep. Similar to a normal bedsheet, Earthing sheets have a layer of conductive material woven into them, along with a plug for you to use on a nearby wall socket to provide you with the necessary charge.

Using an Earthing sheet is simple: Just plug it in and sleep with it. Though you can sleep clothed, garments provide a layer of insulation against the charging properties of the sheet. Thus, it’s recommended to lay under or on it with a minimum number of clothes and with a lot of bared skin. You’ll see the results immediately as many attest that their fatigue faded, sleeping habits improved, and headaches and pains cured.

(Source: What is “Grounding” or “Earthing”?, Heart MD Institute)