Back in the ancient days, humans walked the earth barefooted. Today, that is no longer a socially acceptable behaviour, except under certain situations, like when you’re in the beach or in a yoga session. Or of course in your own yard. People have abandoned the practice of walking with bare feet a long, long time ago.

With civilisation came the idea that the ground is dirty and has a lot of hazardous objects, like hard rocks and stray glass shards, which could hurt the feet. So, footwear was born, and with the present lifestyles of people, being in shoes all the time makes sense, right?

Unfortunately, it appears that wearing shoes did not only separate the feet from the dirt and danger on the ground, but it also cut people’s direct connection to the earth and the natural health benefits the earth brings. Combined with living in high-rise buildings and walking on carpets, wearing shoes have made people lose touch with nature.

What Is Earthing?

Thanks to a process called “earthing,” a relatively recent discovery, people may re-establish their lost connection to the earth through their feet, and their body will get certain benefits. Earthing is also referred to as “grounding” in other parts of the world. explains the science of what earthing is all about.

Flowing Electricity

Humans may not realize it, but small electric currents result from the smallest of movements. These currents all accumulate to create a positive charge, and they mostly don’t dissipate because footwear provides insulation, as pointed out by the website Humans are Free. Since the human body is largely made up of minerals and water, it is a good conductor of electricity and its functions work on complex chemical and electrical processes. The built-up positive charge upsets the balance in the body and affects these processes. For our ancestors whose feet are constantly connected to the earth, the positive charge in the body is drained by the earth’s surface.

Getting Into Earthing

It’s easy to see that for most people, walking barefoot is not always an option. Also, even if you walked barefoot, floor surfaces, like asphalt, wood, vinyl and tarmac, are still barriers to the natural electron flow of the earth. That’s why items for earthing have been developed, like pads and mats, which simulate the ground. Earthing pads and mats generate electrons similar to the earth’s surface and energise you. So, even when you’re at home doing other activities you often do, you may remain connected to the earth by stepping on to earthing mats.

If you’re asking what is an earthing mat, visit websites, like What is Earthing, and see how earthing packs and accessories can rejuvenate you.


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