Whether you regularly travel overseas or even if you only fly across continents occasionally, you’re bound to experience jet lag from time to time. You could feel weak or have headaches, lose the ability to focus, and even experience difficulty sleeping. This makes it difficult for you to enjoy your holiday or concentrate on your tasks in a business trip.

Jet Lag

The main problem stems from the inability to adjust smoothly to the new time zone. When your sleep patterns or normal daily activities get disrupted, your circadian rhythm or internal clock get disturbed, too. This means your body may find it hard to keep you awake when you’re supposed to and to help you sleep when you need to. One remedy you can try for yourself is earthing.

What Is Earthing?

The principle behind earthing or grounding is harnessing the power of the Earth’s surface. Experts say that when your body comes into direct contact with the Earth, you can benefit from its energy. Among other possible advantages, previous research has noted that earthing can help normalise your biological rhythms, which means it can help improve sleep and increase energy during your wakeful hours.

Earthing potentially gives other advantages. Some say that it reduces or eliminates snoring. Likewise, it has been noted to lower stress hormones and neutralize free radicals. Doing so promotes calmness, enhances blood flow and blood pressure and reduces muscle tensions, headaches and even chronic pain.

What Is an Earthing Sheet?

Traditionally, you can enjoy the benefits of grounding by walking barefoot and sitting or lying down in the grass. Recently, though, technologies have been developed to create the same effects indoors. Grounded conductive systems in the form of mats, bed sheets and other devices can be purchased and conveniently carried by travellers so you can enjoy the benefits of grounding wherever you go.

How Else Can You Maximise Earthing for Jet Lag?

Alongside earthing products offered by What is Earthing?, you can try other tricks to maximise the benefits of grounding and truly relieve the effects of your jet lag. For instance, you can choose an overnight flight (which arrives morning or noon in your destination) and sleep on the plane to match your normal sleep patterns. Avoid in-flight alcohol, caffeine and sleep medications, which could all affect your wakefulness or sleep.


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