Do you always feel like you’re out of energy? It’s a regular feature of modern life that people always seem to be tired and stressed. Many attribute this to the fast-paced lifestyle and the pressures of working day-in and day-out. Companies like What is Earthing?, however, believe that there’s something more going on. This is why they’re promoting and selling products that encourage “grounding” and “earthing”. For those not in the know, this can be confusing. After all, how exactly can walking barefoot improve your health?


The Basics

For those who are curious, here’s a basic introduction of what is earthing all about. It all comes back to being natural. If you’ve ever walked barefoot on a beach or on the grass, you can’t help but be refreshed by it. One of the main theories that seeks to explain this phenomenon is that humans develop a charge in their bodies as they go about their day.

Free radicals and positive electrons accumulate inside a body, and this leads to negative effects on the body. This can be counteracted by simply walking barefoot on the ground; this results in a discharge of the electrons in your body as Earth acts as a negative charge, while also releasing free electrons and negatively-charged ions into your body. This restores the natural balance in your body, refreshing it.

The Benefits

There are several benefits to regular grounding. First of all, it can help ease inflammation. With the transfer of negatively-charged ions during grounding, the free radicals that are often the cause of inflammation are neutralized, thus relieving pain. Another benefit to grounding is an increase in personal energy. People who are often down in the dumps can get a quick boost through grounding, and regular earthing can even improve a person’s mood by helping them sleep better.

How to Get Grounded

All of these benefits sound great, but how do you get yourself “grounded”, so to speak? It used to be an automatic thing as people walked around barefoot. The problem is that people nowadays often walk around in footwear and live in homes that are insulated. You can try to walk barefoot in the park, but not everyone’s lucky to have easy access to such a location. This is where earthing mats and pads come in.

What is an earthing mat? It’s a sheet that duplicates the effects of walking barefoot via creating a grounding effect. The great thing about this is that this can be done anywhere: your office, at home, and even in your car. Be grounded and experience the benefits anywhere with the help of an earthing mat.


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