What is earthing? According to Natural News, “Earthing, also known as grounding, is based on research showing that having a connection to the Earth’s electrical energy promotes physical well-being.” It is a connection made between the human body and the planet, either directly or by use of a grounding technology.

Earthing – The ultimate healing technique

Research shows that electrons present in the Earth have antioxidant effects that can protect the body from inflammation. This is because of the extra electrons in the planet’s surface that have the ability to reduce positive charges like free radicals which circulate in the body. Free radicals do not contribute to the inflammation in the body once they find electrons to bond with; thus, earthing can neutralise their negative effects.

Earthing is simply letting the body connect to the Earth and tap into its energy by walking, sitting, or sleeping while in direct contact with the planet. This can help out in many ways such as reducing chronic pain, improving sleep, relieving muscle tension, lowering stress, and much more. This gives a person many reasons to give earthing a try for themselves.

Because of technological developments throughout the ages, people have slowly disconnected from the Earth. Way before, humans spent a majority of their time outdoors and getting direct contact with the Earth without the promise of beneficial effects to push them to do so. Nowadays, we have houses, wear shoes, and tend to spend much time with technology and stay indoors than outdoors, so the connection is weak.

In order to reconnect with the Earth, it is a simple matter of going outside, taking off any footwear, and taking a stroll on the ground. If this does not sound like an appealing idea, however, there are alternatives such as earthing sheets. What is an earthing sheet? It is a bed sheet that gives the benefits of earthing without the need of going outside or even standing up, for that matter.

If you are looking to reconnect with the Earth, check out companies such as What is Earthing? that provide various earthing supplies and material—including earthing sheets, mats, and pads—and start reaping the health benefits of the practice.

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