Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s) to help you learn more about what earthing is, how it works, and what it can do for you. If you have any questions that aren’t included here, please contact us and we’ll answer them for you as best we can.

Is Magnet Therapy the Same as Earthing?2014-11-28T14:57:22+10:00

No! Magnets may have therapeutic benefits for people when used as directed, but they cannot provide free electrons and they cannot connect the body to the balancing effects of the earth’s surface.

Earthing and magnets are completely different.

Am I Earthing When Wearing Shoes Outside?2014-11-28T14:55:13+10:00

No not generally. Most shoes today are either rubber or plastic soled – these don’t conduct electricity so therefore the free flow of electrons from the earth’s surface cannot pass from the ground to you.

Animal hide shoes – provided that the sole isn’t too thick can allow the free electrons to pass through the leather to your foot and up through the body. This is caused by the sweat, not the leather/animal hide as it is not conductive. It is the salty sweat that is the conductor.

I Don’t Live in Australia – Can I Still use Earthing Products?2014-11-28T15:40:26+10:00

We are able to supply adapters to suit many different countries. When you are ready to buy, you will just need to let us know where you are and we can organise the correct adapter for you. Of course the thing to remember, is that grounding only works indoors if the power has an earth or grounding wire that goes directly into the ground.

If you are unsure, you may need to get an authorised electrician to check out for you.

Alternatively, you may wish to look at a grounding rod. The rod is connected to a long earthing cable and the rod is dug directly into the ground – thus bypassing the need to plug into a power point inside the home. If you are in a high-rise apartment, an earthing rod and cable may not be appropriate.

Am I Earthing When in Water?2014-11-28T14:55:27+10:00

The ocean – definitely! As the salt in the water is conductive – thus the earth’s free electrons travel through the water to you 🙂

Fresh water lakes and rivers – yep! Even though they contain less minerals and salts – for conductivity the free electrons still travel through the water. Walking along the bottom is the best though.

Mineral Hot springs – these are already well known for their healing properties, but it is more than the mineral content. The excess minerals makes it a great conductor for the earth’s free electrons.

Swimming pool – the jury is still out on this one. If you were in the water and hanging your arms over the side and touching the ground – then of course. But otherwise not really.

Showers, baths etc. in the house? – Tap water contains minerals and salts, but depending on how chlorinated the water is could be an issue. If the tap that the water is coming out of is metal and that metal is connected to a metal pipe that goes into the ground then yes. Just remember though that the fixture that the water comes out of may be metal, but the pipes into the ground may be polypipe not metal. So unless you are confident that the plumbing is all metal – I wouldn’t guarantee that you are being grounded.

I Spend Hours in my Garden, am I Earthing / Grounding?2014-11-28T15:40:42+10:00

This depends on how much of you is actually in contact with the ground. If you are wearing gloves, shoes, long pants etc – then not really as you need to be in contact with the ground. If you spend time digging in the dirt and you don’t wear gloves or your knees and feet are in contact with the dirt/grass, then yes 🙂

I am not a gardener, but I am sure that there could be other health hazards by not wearing protective gear, so take this into consideration. I am not advocating gardening without using gloves etc.

If I am Outdoors Camping and I am Sleeping in a Standard Sleeping Bag – am I Still Earthing?2014-11-28T14:55:51+10:00

Not likely. Most sleeping bags have insulation in them to protect you from the cold coming through from the ground.

You would need to have some part of your body actually touching the ground to ensure conductivity and ensure you are grounded.

Can Walking Around my Home Barefoot Help with Earthing?2014-11-28T14:56:03+10:00

It depends on the surface and the level of your home. If you are in a highset house then no – as you are not really in contact with the earth.

Timber, vinyl and ceramic tiles with a glaze – no – these are not conductive materials.

Unsealed concrete, stone, unglazed tiles – most likely – unless there is a lining between the surface and the ground. Sometimes there is a plastic, rubber matting or timber between the flooring and the ground.

You could always get yourself a multimeter to test for yourself.

How do I Know if my Earthing Products are Working?2014-11-28T15:42:08+10:00

If you are concerned, you can always test with a Product Tester. These come with the starter kits – otherwise these can be purchased separately.

But in all honesty, you should start to feel the benefits after the first night 🙂

Do I Put the Earthing Sheet or Mat Under my Current Bed Sheet?2014-11-28T15:42:23+10:00

No, you use the earthing sheet as your normal sheet and sleep directly on it. The more skin contact you have with the sheet the better.

Although, if you prefer to wear full bed wear, you will still receive the benefits as your body produces sweat whilst you sleep and this will create a connectivity with your sheet.

Can I use an Electric Blanket with my Earthing Product?2014-11-28T15:42:34+10:00

Yes, it won’t harm the sheets at all. Just remember the Earthing sheet is what you sleep directly on.

Looking After my Earthing Product – How do I Clean it?2014-11-28T15:42:51+10:00

Wash in WARM Water in your washing machine on a normal or gentle cycle.

Ideally wash it every week, but at least once a fortnight. This prevents your body’s oil and sweat from building up on the sheet/product and reducing the effectiveness of the conductivity.
Use a mild laundry LIQUID such as Earth Choice, Aware Sensitive, Abode Sensitive. Make sure that whatever brand that you choose does not contain any oils, including essential, eucalyptus and wool washes.

Drying is best in the sun, or can be dried in the clothes dryer on low heat.

If I Live in an Area of High EMF’s is there a Risk that while using my Earthing Product that that Higher EMF Energy will run through my Body?2017-05-19T18:41:31+10:00

Earthing instantly eliminates common 50/60 Hz EMFs induced on the body from electrical wiring and appliances. So in short that means definitely not – in fact it is the opposite 🙂

Refer to chapter 7 in the Earthing book, under the heading of Earthing Trumps EMFs. Also refer to Appendix B.

The Earthing Book is sold with all Earthing Sheets or is sold separately. Check out out here.

If There is an Electrical Storm, Can I Still use my Earthing Products?2014-11-28T15:41:55+10:00

As electricity is always going to try and find the most direct path to the earth, if it hits your house it will either travel down the drain pipes, electrical wiring, telephone/cable lines etc. as these pose the path of least resistance. The odds of dying from a lightning strike are extremely low.

But on saying that, as with all electrical equipment, it is best to disconnect from the power during an electrical storm.

What if I Need to Connect to a Power-Board and it is Turned On?2014-11-28T15:41:40+10:00

That’s ok, the only active post on the power adapter is the earthing post. No power will be used

Do I Need to Turn on the Power Point When Plugging in my Earthing Product?2014-11-28T15:41:01+10:00

No – the only active post on the power adapter is the earthing post.

This is so that the ground rod can draw the electricity away from your body.

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