What is Earthing? An Introduction to the Basics of Natural Grounding

Do you always feel like you’re out of energy? It’s a regular feature of modern life that people always seem to be tired and stressed. Many attribute this to the fast-paced lifestyle and the pressures of working day-in and day-out. Companies like What is Earthing?, however, believe that there’s something more going on. This is [...]

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What Is Earthing and How Can You Maximise Its Benefits for Jet Lags?

Whether you regularly travel overseas or even if you only fly across continents occasionally, you’re bound to experience jet lag from time to time. You could feel weak or have headaches, lose the ability to focus, and even experience difficulty sleeping. This makes it difficult for you to enjoy your holiday or concentrate on your [...]

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What is Earthing and the Science and Different Concepts Surrounding It

Back in the ancient days, humans walked the earth barefooted. Today, that is no longer a socially acceptable behaviour, except under certain situations, like when you’re in the beach or in a yoga session. Or of course in your own yard. People have abandoned the practice of walking with bare feet a long, long time [...]

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Find Out What an Earthing Sheet Is and How to Properly Maintain One

Before you jump onto earthing sheets, it is important to first understand what is earthing. Simply put, earthing is a way for the body to receive natural energy from the ground, through natural means such as walking barefoot, or through artificial means such as using earthing sheets. According to research, earthing allows negatively-charged free electrons [...]

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Learn What is Earthing and How This Can Help Keep Your Heart Healthy

It might seem odd at first glance, but ditching your shoes and walking along the earth for as little as 30 minutes can actually have a significant effect on your overall health. Simply by walking barefoot, you can recharge your body in a novel way, a natural method known as “earthing”. You might be asking [...]

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What Is Earthing? Understanding The Health Benefits of The New Trend

Have you ever walked barefoot and felt the liberating sensation it gave to you? Though many think that it’s all in their heads, there’s actually a scientific reason for why you feel better when you come into contact with the bare ground. The basics of this is why you need to learn what is “Earthing” [...]

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What is Earthing? When you Need Answers that Offer Natural Solutions

It is given that one of the ways to achieve optimum health is to exercise and eat right; some others find their way to health by reconnecting with nature as a means to reinvigorate themselves. Libby Hakim of the health news portal Body+Soul says that a health therapy called “earthing” may be the key to [...]

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Connecting with Mother Nature: Know Even More about What is Earthing

What is earthing? According to Natural News, “Earthing, also known as grounding, is based on research showing that having a connection to the Earth’s electrical energy promotes physical well-being.” It is a connection made between the human body and the planet, either directly or by use of a grounding technology. […]

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