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The 411: Who We Are & What We Do

I’ve noticed that the word empowering gets used a lot.

It seems everyone uses this word to describe the sense of having power or authority over someone or something.

So why did I choose empowering as part of my kinesiology practice name?

Because, I believe that is what kinesiology can do for a person. We all too often live allowing others to take the power from us. We feel as if we don’t have a right or the ability to say no, or yes or that doesn’t work for me, and so on.

We listen to the voices of those who have the most influence in our lives – but what makes them an authority over your life?

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Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Who do you spend every minute of every hour of every day with?

When we are children, we need our parents to teach us right from wrong, we need their guidance in the decisions we make. We aren’t born with the ability to do everything for ourselves – we grow into this. If you are blessed like I have been, you have wonderful, supportive and caring parents who have loved you and want the best for you. BUT along with my wonderful parents, yours have probably made a few mistakes along the way, just as you have if you are a parent yourself.

When we become adults, we are supposed to automatically know what to do – hah! That rarely what happens. We muddle along as best we can with the knowledge we have and the experiences we have gained and voilà we are – or could be – responsible for the next generation.

Kerrilee Burkhardt
Kerrilee BurkhardtKinesiologist

Amazingly we have this innate desire for our bodies and minds to be in homeostasis, and this is often where we have these internal battles going on and then we seek the help from others to ‘fix’ us! What if you could ‘fix’ yourself? Kinesiology is an amazing tool that works on the body’s energy system to restore balance from the stress that we have in our lives – real or perceived; physical or mental; emotional or environmental.

Recently, I have discovered something that works amazingly with kinesiology and has absolutely changed my life – earthing! Yep, getting back in connection with the dirt. The free electrons that pass between the earth and our body is the ultimate tool in creating homeostasis in the body. Combine this with the techniques used in kinesiology and not only does your body have true homeostasis – you can be empowered to change your life for the better.

My journey started about eleven years ago, I was plodding along in my life, totally bewildered with the direction my life was taking. I thought I was happy, healthy and doing all the right things. What I was doing was repeating mistakes over and over and not knowing why! I started to see a kinesiologist. Immediately I wanted more out of life. I changed careers and started working for a chiropractor who opened my eyes to a whole new world of true health and well-being. I then went on to study personal training, Buteyko breathing method, Counselling KinesiologyTM, Kinesiology and LEAP! My journey just keeps going.

Life keeps throwing curve balls, and I am not saying that I don’t have challenges, but I have found out who I am and I continue to grow stronger in myself – I’ve learned to listen to that inner voice and not the outer voices who do not walk in my shoes. I acknowledge the wisdom of others and incorporate their knowledge into my life when it is appropriate to do so – for how else do we learn? But I no longer seek advice from those who don’t know, but like to think they do. I no longer surround myself with people who are only out for their own best interests. I seek out those who can encourage, uplift and yes empower my life.

If you would like to learn more about kinesiology or Earthing, please give me a call and I’d love to help empower your life. Your journey begins with you – ensure that those you take along with you are worthy!

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