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My Personal Story of the Real-World Benefits of Earthing Sheets

What is earthing, and how will it benefit you? Earthing is a process wherein your body replenishes its lost electrons either through walking on the ground barefoot or by sleeping on a special earthing mat that is plugged to your house wiring to simulate a similar effect.

This concept is born from the notion that people pick up a net positive charge by spending time indoors and out of touch with the ground – holding a positive charge can have a serious effect on one’s health. With earthing, however, individuals can restore their electrons and feel a lot better.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to run around outside without any shoes on?

In those days, it didn’t even matter if it was summer or winter. You probably didn’t think about it then, but you might now, at just how quickly you got over a cold, or a bug, and you didn’t even get all that sick very often.

For me, I remember that being outside in bare feet was probably the best part of being a kid. I hated shoes, hated feeling trapped! I was fortunate enough that, when I was in primary school, I had to wear flip flops, at least, to and from school – during the day, however – no shoes – ahhh such bliss!

Then we grow up! We start having to wear shoes – everywhere. We spend more time inside, we work in buildings that are elevated off the ground and we even live in high-set houses or apartments. Time to have bare feet just doesn’t fit into the equation of our day to day lives.

From our elite athletes who now wear shoes all the time to gardeners who wear shoes, hats and gloves; outdoor workers are covered from head to toe. In our busy lives the only time we probably ever go bare foot is when we are at the beach. Not all of us have that luxury, though.

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My passion is to see every body grounded!

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I have never slept through the night in my entire life until the very first night I slept on an earthing sheet. This has literally changed my life.
Paige H., Toowoomba, QLD

The Earth is negatively charged and there are free electrons pulsating on the surface. As we are pretty well made up of the same stuff as the Earth – water, minerals etc. etc, when we are in connection – and I mean bare feet connection with the ground – we get to share in these free electrons and this connection helps us to be in homeostasis, which is ‘the ability to maintain a constant internal environmental response to environmental changes’. Quote: Regina Bailey, Biology Expert.

Again you ask, so????

This means that your internal organs, digestive system, and your body’s functions cannot be disrupted by external electric or magnetic fields, and, in this day and age, that is a very good thing. Microwaves, Radio waves, mobile signals, Wi-Fi, etc. don’t see your body and say, “excuse me”, and go around you – these waves go straight through you. Each time this happens your internal system is disrupted.

‘My 4 yr old boy who has ASD has never, ever been a good sleeper. Just before purchasing the Earthing sheets Zach would wake me anywhere from 3-8 times a night unsettled and that was sleeping right beside me. 2 nights after the Earthing sheets went on the bed he slept through the night, only stirred in the night, and then resettled himself. I suffer anxiety/depression & have noticed I’ve been a lot better too since sleeping on the Earthing sheets & hubby doesn’t snore all night now – Yay!’
Kath B., Woombye, QLD
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My passion is to see every body grounded!

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Why should you care?

If you have been wondering what an earthing sheet is and how it can change your life, you should consider the following benefits of earthing.

Research and observations have discovered the following benefits from Earthing: [It]

  • Defuses the cause of inflammation, and improves or eliminates the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders
  • Lowers stress and promotes calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones
  • Protects the body against potentially health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

For case studies and further information, see “Earthing The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” By Clinton Ober, Stephen T.Sinatra, MD & Martin Zucker. And The Earthing Institute – earthinginstitute.net

  • Increases energy
  • Improves sleep in most cases
  • Reduces or eliminates jet lag
  • Reduces or eliminates chronic pain
  • Normalises the body’s biological rhythms
  • Thins blood and improves blood pressure and flow
  • Relieves muscle tension and headaches
  • Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms
  • Dramatically speeds healing and helps prevent bedsores
  • Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity

So, this leads me to my story…

In July 2005 I was seriously injured in a training accident and I tore my pectoral muscle, bi-cep, tri-cep and damaged my ulna nerve. 6 months of weekly physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage only managed to get my arm to a shoulder height when abducted (moved away from body).

Feb 2006, I started to develop funny seizure / convulsion type things – I ended up sleeping most of 2006 away. I’d sleep for 24-36 hours at a time. I lost short term memory, and had very debilitating muscle movements that turned my life upside down. In fact, that’s exactly what we started to call them: turns.

2006 – July 2014, tests, Drs, naturopaths, kinesiologists, chiros, specialists, neurologists, counselling and the list goes on. No answer, thousands and thousands of dollars spent and not a single clue. I was experiencing these episodes about every 2-3 days and they could last up to 24hrs.

It was not much of a life, when your body won’t do as it’s told and a simple flash of a light in the corner of your eye can have you down on your butt in an instant and then you can’t function for up to 24hrs. I couldn’t even go down the cleaning aisle of the supermarket because the smells were too much and I would end up on the ground – again. It’s so frustrating when you say something and then 10 seconds later say the same thing or ask the same question because you can’t remember if you spoke.

It’s pretty embarrassing when you start a new job and you collapse because the smell of garlic is too much, or you start training to be a Kinesiologist and spend nearly every day with a wobbly body and missing half the content as you can’t remember anything.

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Discover What Earthing Can Do For You

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My passion is to see every body grounded!

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I sleep better and wake more refreshed than I ever have – I can’t believe the difference this has made.
John B., Subshine Coast, QLD

My life was not one that I’d recommend anyone live.

I started my health career in personal training and I have progressed to kinesiology, I suppose because I wanted answers and if I could work out what was wrong with me, then maybe I could help others.

About May 2014 I started seeing an osteopath who discovered that my cranials were out of whack – he didn’t think they were causing my turns, but after years of wobbling, and the jittering in my body, no wonder. He gently and carefully has put my head literally back on my neck.

July 2014 after hearing some really devastating news from a specialist I freaked out. I needed answers! I went to my mentor and Kinesiologist and begged him to try and find out what I could do next. For if I continued on the path I was on, I really didn’t know how much more I could cope with. My career was fast coming to a point of ending as I simply could not function on a day-to-day basis. I was desperate!

He pulled all of his years of experience and all the tools at his disposal and discovered that I wasn’t earthing out – basically the electricity in my body had nowhere to go and was short circuiting in my brain. He suggested I make some enquiries into earthing sheets and see if that could help.

This started me on a journey, and wow, I tear up whenever I think about this….

Being grounded has changed my life. I haven’t had a turn since July 2, 2014! Prior to that, the longest I’d ever been without a turn had been about 3 weeks and I was heavily medicated at the time – approx. $500 a month in tablets. Not only that, I’ve noticed amazing side effects that I hadn’t even considered could be helped with the earthing – my shoulder no longer hurts; I wake up feeling like facing the world; I don’t feel as overwhelmed by everything as I normally do, I didn’t get the flu as bad as everyone around me did, I don’t get icy cold feet any more – that’s a huge one! – and I am no longer troubled by PMS.

I’ve been plagued by lower back pain for years. When I got my earthing sheet, it was the first time I could lie down for more than a few hours without being in agony. Thank You!
Adam I., Sunshine Coast, QLD
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Discover What Earthing Can Do For You

Choose from a wide range of Earthing Sheets, Matts and Accessories.

My passion is to see every body grounded!

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Like I said, this has totally changed my life!

Interestingly, the triggers to my turns are still triggers, but now when I feel a turn coming on, I rip off my shoes and go stand directly on the ground, or if I am at home, I connect to my earthing band, put my feet on my earthing mat or crawl into bed (on my earthing sheet).

Previously, there was nothing that would stop a turn from coming on, and no way to avoid losing up to the next 24-36 hours because of it. Now, the turn never takes hold and I am up and ready to tackle the world again in about 30 minutes.

So, a bit like that advert that was on TV years ago, “I was so impressed I bought the company“, well I couldn’t go that far, but I have become a reseller of earthing products.

I am so excited by earthing I just know that everyone who lives in this busy electrically charged world can benefit from grounding.

How You Can Discover Earthing Too…